Monday, January 15, 2018

The County Poor Farm, Lecture at The Museum Church

At 3PM on Sunday, October 14th David Blaine will be delivering an interesting presentation on the Sanilac County Poor Farm.

Perhaps you have noticed "County Farm Road" as you drove south from Port Sanilac to Lexington? Perhaps you have wondered what the "County Farm" was, or where it was"

Well wait no longer, your questions will be answered.  Why did the county have a poor farm?  What was it like?  Who went there, and why?

The history of many American institutions springs from poor laws dating back to the 1500's and coming to this country with the first English Colonists.  And it is a history that is very much alive.  Much of what you will hear at this lecture will help you better understand things that are still going on in the current news.

Lecture admission is free to Society Members, $10 to the general public, $5 for students.  Those who wish may obtain or renew a membership at the door.

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