Monday, January 15, 2018

Rick Mixter's Mystery of November Storms, Lecture at The Museum Church

November gales are notorious for their toll on Great Lakes shipping. Hundreds of ships now line the bottom of the lakes due to storms that brew up in a moment’s notice. Join author/producer 

Ric Mixter as he dives into the mystery of late-season storms, not only sharing rare eyewitness interviews but also award-winning video that he has recorded underwater.
• Lake Superior’s 1905 Gale, which beached several freighters including the Mataafa and Lafayette.
• The 1913 Storms: 12 ships completely disappeared and over 240 sailors were lost in a storm that sank ships on every Great Lake except Ontario.
• The 1940 Storm: Three ships destroyed and an amazing rescue of 17 Canadian sailors by Michigan fishermen near Pentwater. Includes rare film footage of the rescue!
• The Daniel J Morrell: Ripped in two off Michigan’s thumb in 1966 with only one survivor.
• The Carl D. Bradley: Two men survived the freighter breaking up in Lake Michigan
• The Edmund Fitzgerald: Rare underwater footage from Ric’s visit to the Fitz in 1994.

Free for members, $10 for non-members.
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Memberships will also be sold 30 minutes before the lecture, with prices beginning at just $35 for an individual yearly membership or $50 for a family.

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